Homemade remedies to get rid of pimples

Using natural or homemade remedies and treatments is the best way to get rid of acne. It’s safer for your skin; it’s cheaper and is handy. Everyone can do it! As we’ve seen (What is acne) knowing what causes the acne is easier to prevent it. We’ve learn the methods that we can use to get rid of acne (How to get rid of acne) so now is time to find how we can treat ourselves at home. (See also- Homemade masks for acne)

  • Toothpaste can be our ally in the fight against acne. You can apply toothpaste (not the flavored kind) on your spots before going to bed and wash it in the morning. Toothpaste absorbs the oil and dries the pimples, especially the whiteheads.
  • Use plain vinegar on a cotton bud to put on your zits or mix it with a water (1:1) to make a toner. The acids that are in vinegar soften your skin, help exfoliating the skin and reduce the marks. It tones the skin and also has antibacterial and antiseptic properties.
  • You can use salicylic acid – crush an aspirin and mix it with water or lemon juice in order to get a paste that you can apply on your face or neck. Leave it there for 30 minutes. This mix has anti-inflammatory effects and helps the healing process.
  • The lemon juice is also a good astringent for your skin, which reduces the open pores.  You can use it on its own (I won’t lie, it stings!) or you can mix it with an aspirin, for example.
  • Honey and cinnamon mixed together will reduce the number of pimples. The honey has antibacterial properties and is good for the skin’s nutrition. The essential aromatic oil of the cinnamon has strong antiseptic properties, but this bark also is rich in antioxidants, there for it provides protection to the skin.
  • Egg white is also very good for your skin, because it has rich protein content; it helps the cells renewal and is effective with the scars. Stir it well and put it on your face. Let it dry then rinse with water.
  • Baking soda- mix it with water, apply it and let it work even for few minutes till it gets dry. It helps unclogging the pores and kills bacteria
  • Corn starch- you can use it to clean your face, especially if you have blackheads. After cleaning any sign of make-up or dirt you can apply corn starch on your face massaging gently. It’s like a peeling and helps you clean your skin and stimulates the blood circulation of your face. You can also try with coffee grounds. It assures a nice peeling for your skin.
  • Tomato juice is also a very good astringent that you can apply on your face as tomato slices or just the juice.
  • Alcohol- you can apply directly on the pimples. Alcohol has an antibacterial effect and can kill the germs that are on your face and also reduces the inflammation
  • Garlic is known as a natural antibiotic, so you can use its juice to apply on the zits and get rid of the local infection.
  • Fruits like blueberries, blackberries, grape fruit, etc are rich in antioxidant substances. You can apply them naturally, smashing them to make a mask or you can boil them in water and use the “potion” after.
  • Ice cubes- applied on the skin can reduce the redness, the inflammation and reduce the chances that the zit will grow bigger.
  • Mint juice- you can do it by yourself by crushing fresh leaves of spearmint. Mint, due to its oils, has cooling properties so it helps you to get rid of the swells, itches or redness.Aloe Vera
  • Aloe Vera – get a steam of the plant and use the juice to use it on your face. It’s very good for skin; it cleans it and help clearing it but also has excellent healing properties.
    Let it dry than wash it with plenty of water.
  • Tea tree oil is a very powerful antibacterial treatment. It soothe irritation, clear the skin and calms the skin with acne.
  • Rosewood oil- is very efficient for oily complexion. It reduces the sebum so it can control for acne breakouts. It dries the pimples when you apply it on the spots.
  •  Hot compresses- put a soaking towel (the water you soak in must be hot) on the face and keep it for 30 minutes (re-soak if necessary). This way, by increasing the temperature around and on the pimples you’ll stop the bacteria for multiplying and help your immune system to fight with the infection (white cells work better when is warmer).
  • Green tea- is very good for your acne because it has antibacterial properties and in the same time it has a very large amount of antioxidants which can heal and protect your skin.
  • Sage- it has anti-inflammatory effects, reduces the redness and the inflammation. You can use it as a toner for your skin. Just make a regular tea with sage leaves and then apply it on the skin (after you’ve cleaned your face).


So if we really want to have an efficient acne treatment we should include and treat all this issues too, we should use an internal as well an external treatment.

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